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Intersoft can be your link to the global delivery market, it provides the data and access to relationships with some of the biggest high street, retail and ecommerce businesses across the world. Intelligent Shipper provides end-to-end customer and order tracking; simplifying the integration of multiple systems and offering the end customer the widest choice when it comes to the final mile delivery process.

The simpler way to manage your 3rd party integrators

Intersoft is able to work with and manage third party integrators and logistic businesses on your behalf. Our quick-to-market software installation and unique tailored service ensures that businesses operate with the quality expected of accredited partners.

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Managing the delivery experience

Enable your customers to integrate seamlessly with your systems using Intelligent Shipper to produce high-quality accredited labels and an end-to-end delivery management solution.

Seamless Software Integration

Intelligent Shipper simplifies the integration of multiple despatch systems without fundamentally changing the business process. This means less resources, lower costs and greater efficiency for customers.

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Experienced Integrator Management

We continually add new clients, services and solutions; keeping the complex carrier-to-integrator-to-retailer model simple and efficient.

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High Quality Label Production

We provide an easy, fast set-up for global, multi-carrier label production and custom documents.

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Smarter Global Shipping

We have 25 years experience in partnering the biggest names in retail, with the best global and niche carriers. Our industry-leading software offers am effortless international shipping process.

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Our Customers are at the heart of everything we do

Intelligent Shipper ensures you meet expectations and maintain customer satisfaction from initial order to delivery.

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