Multi-carrier solution provides scalability for IRP Commerce and its customers

The Challenge

When successful 3Pi IRP Commerce needed assistance in scaling its growing business it called on Intersoft for support. IRP Commerce already had several direct carrier integrations with major logistics companies, but as its customer base grew it began receiving an increasing number of requests for integrations with other carriers. Knowing that this process would require a significant amount of time and resource, Intersoft came on board to help facilitate the process and tackle the 3Pi’s backlog of shipping integrations.

The Solution

The implementation of Intersoft’s multi-carrier solution called Intelligent Shipper, enabled IRP Commerce to access several key logistics companies shipping platforms like DHL, DPD and Fedex through just one integration. This not only gave IRP Commerce’s clients access to a choice of carriers, but also removed the need to complete individual integrations with each carrier, resulting in cost and time savings for the business.

The Result

Intersoft’s multi-carrier solution enabled IRP Commerce to significantly cut back on the development time required to roll out carriers to its customer base, while also giving them access to additional carriers within a short time scale. Continued integration with Intersoft also ensures that IRP Commerce can work with new clients’ existing logistics companies, while being able to cater for their customers’ growing needs as they expand into international markets.

“The Intersoft team are fantastic to work with. They are very quick to respond to any questions we have about integrations. The team is really understanding, and their documentation is well maintained and always current. We have weekly calls and are always kept up to date with the latest developments and feature releases. We couldn’t recommend Intersoft and its solution highly enough.”
David Dickson, Head of Services and Consulting
IRP Commerce