Luxurious hand-iced biscuits delivered as beautiful gifts meant for Biscuiteers, efficient delivery was key, and Intersoft’s delivery management solution was the best option. Biscuiteers streamline their deliveries using Royal Mail, DPD and DHL Express all through Intersoft.

The challenge

When the team at Biscuiteers needed help improving the efficiency of their delivery process as demand for their luxury iced biscuits grew, they turned to Intersoft for help.

Specialising in producing hand-iced biscuits that are delivered as gifts to the recipient’s door, a smooth delivery process was key to the customer experience and in ensuring these freshly baked goods arrived on time. As Biscuiteers’ successful ecommerce business grew, so did the team’s order volumes. They needed a single carrier management solution that could extend their brand to the customer’s doorstep, while scaling with growth and enabling fast and efficient shipment of goods from their bakery to the customer via their three preferred carriers – Royal Mail, DPD and DHL.

Biscuiteers’ manual process of uploading delivery information into each of the carrier delivery systems was not sustainable or cost-effective now demand for its goods had increased by 902%. A scalable, long-term solution was needed to support Biscuiteers’ growing business.

Biscuiteers icing biscuits

The solution

In 2018 Biscuiteers approached Intersoft for support in enabling domestic (Royal Mail), guaranteed (DPD) and international (DHL) shipments. As both an approved Royal Mail third-party partner and a specialist in multi-carrier delivery management software, Intersoft was perfectly placed to help Biscuiteers scale its growing ecommerce business and fulfil the influx of online orders.

Intersoft’s developers onboarded Biscuiteers with our award-winning Intelligent Shipper solution in just a few weeks, integrating their successful ecommerce platform with their preferred carriers; Royal Mail, DPD and DHL. The solution not only ensures the smooth transfer of delivery data from Biscuiteers to the carriers via one easy-to-use platform, but also manages all changes to carrier delivery documents and specification requirements on Biscuiteers behalf.

As well as providing the online bakery business with a single, simple system to input delivery details into for multiple carriers, Intersoft also provides Biscuiteers access to features such as:

  • Silent printing – Biscuiteers use this function to speed up the fulfilment of orders by facilitating the automation and production of shipping labels as soon as orders are ready to be shipped via their Magento order management system.
  • Bulk mailing – Biscuiteers use this feature to upload multiple customer shipments through a single CSV file, improving efficiency.
  • Reporting Biscuiteers use our easy-to-use reporting functionalities to run and search daily shipping reports which help support customer queries and to understand carrier services and general performance statistics.

Biscuiteers biscuit packaging

The result

Intersoft Intelligent Shipper® has helped the Biscuiteers team speed up their shipping processes at a time when demand for their product has boomed, with orders increasing from 6,800 per month to 69,000 per month. It’s also enabled them to offer shoppers a choice of flexible delivery options and guarantee they can fulfil their delivery promise to customers, all while reducing the amount of internal administrative resource required to complete the process.


“Before Intersoft we were manually uploading delivery information into each partner’s individual system. Now everything is automatically sent to Intersoft and managed in one place, things are a lot simpler. Intersoft took the hassle out of managing technological upgrades for different carrier systems too. They’ve enabled us to respond to rapid rises in demand and give our customers a choice of delivery options through Royal Mail, DPD and DHL.”
Lauren Juster, Sales and Marketing Director