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Intelligent Shipper – The Complete Guide

Shipping software made simple

Intersoft’s carrier management software simplifies your shipping operations, streamlining integration with global carriers for effortless label generation and eCommerce.

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What can Intelligent Shipper do for you?


Intersoft work directly with retailers in-house IT teams to integrate directly with your carrier via your preferred integration method. Flexible integration options range from API to batch imports and manual entry.

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3Pi’s & 3PL’s

As a partner of Intersoft, 3Pi’s and 3PL’s can bridge the gap to carriers, ensuring integrations are up-to-date, robust and secure. Working silently in the background, Intersoft offers seamless carrier integration and allows you to focus on your core product offering.

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Through Intersoft, carriers provide us access to shipping services through a tried and trusted platform and solution. Giving you the power to control and implement a portfolio of flexible solutions and added-value services for your customers.

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Award-winning eCommerce delivery management

Royal Mail Approved + FedEx Compatible Partner

Intersoft not only provide carrier management to retailers but are also a Royal Mail approved Third Party Partner and a FedEx Compatible partner. which means carrier integrations are fast, secure and easy to deploy globally.

Intersoft’s growing carrier integration library

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Explore our smart features:

Print Harvester
Allows you to connect shipment orders or data files from a computer or network location by integrating with Intelligent Shipper for automatic processing for the creation of shipments.

Scan to Print
Triggering automatic label production to a chosen printer as you need it by scanning a barcode, this can be done in conjunction with either CSV file importing or via an API integration.

Silent Printing
Our smart solution facilitates the automation and the production of shipping labels and associated documents by printing to your chosen printers automatically, as soon as shipments are created.


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Unlock smoother cross-border eCommerce

Duty & Tax Calculation

Automate the process of calculating and collecting taxes and duties on your eCommerce transactions.

Data Enhancement

Say goodbye to the hassle of international trade with automated HS6 code matching, accurate description identification, and restricted item detection – all in one streamlined system.

HS Code Allocation

Simplify international trade with automated HS6 code matching and classification, offering instant export and import codes, as well as detecting inaccurate descriptions and restricted items.

Restrictions Screening

Automate your cross-border compliance with real-time alerts and automated screening for restricted items, streamlining the process and avoiding delays.


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Tracking is offered via various methods with Intelligent Shipper including API and data files through SFTP.

Tracking Milestones
Facilitates the visualisation of tracking events whereby customers can fully customise shipment milestones so that tracking events displayed on tracking pages and email notifications are more meaningful to the end consumers.


Branded Notifications
Fully customisable functionality where emails and banner adverts can be configured with links to customers’ websites within the Tracking Milestone feature.


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Returns Portal
A fully configurable and branded cloud-based returns platform that allows consumers to generate returns labels and QR codes to send back to the retailer or seller which can be directly integrated into your eCommerce website. Customers do not have to be using Intelligent Shipper for outbound shipments to use our Returns Portal.


Returns Dashboard
Easily monitor and track the progress of your returns directly through our dashboard. It provides visibility of the full cycle of the returns process, enabling tracking of key milestones and giving you the foresight and visibility to manage warehouse resources accordingly.



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Intersoft offer various reporting methods, including:

  • Daily shipping reports
  • Tracking reports
  • Generated manifest history reports
  • Booking statistics through the dashboard view


Non-Latin characters
Intersoft allows the printing of UTF8 characters on labels where supported by the carrier, so full use of international Cyrillic script characters sets can be utilised. (e,g, Russia & China characters etc.)

Customs documents
Intelligent Shipper can generate customs documentation as standard for any destination, generating either CN23 documentation for postal shipments or Proforma Invoices or Commercial Invoices for commercial carriers. CN23 documentation is produced as standard for any postal shipment traveling through customs, with either Proforma Invoices or Commercial Invoices available for any shipment via our specific customs documentation API and via the GUI. As well as custom documentation, we also take care of paperless transactions for Royal Mail, DHL and FedEx.

Label booking methods:

Bulk Mailing
Effortlessly create multiple shipments by CSV file upload through our Intelligent Shipper dashboard.

An efficient solution for customers shipping high volumes, Intelligent Shipper enables direct integration with our platform, offering multiple services including customs documentation; CN23, proforma invoice and commercial invoices, generating of QR codes for returns shipments, as well as retrieving full tracking history of any shipments and much more.

If you are creating shipments in small volumes or have an adhoc need to produce labels outside of your normal process, Intelligent Shipper enables you to manually create shipments one at a time.

We offer a free sandbox environment, allowing you to test our solution on your preferred booking method. This way we can guarantee our labels will integrate into your solution, should you decide to move to Intelligent Shipper.


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System features

Our fully scalable system fits to your needs. Whether you are posting 100 or 10 million shipments, our delivery labels are produced in milliseconds, so you don’t waste a second of your time.

Incident status transparency provided at jira.com allowing you to always stay informed of any technical issues on the system.

We offer dedicated user support portals, including on-boarding and system feature guides, allowing you to get the best from our solution.


Intelligent Shipper offers a full range of functionality including branded and configurable communication packages, tracking and reporting, using the latest technology supported by excellent customer service.


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Partners & Carriers

Working in partnership

when you partner with Intersoft, you gain access to a world of opportunities for streamlined shipping, enhanced visibility, and extended brand recognition, ensuring remarkable growth and success.


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“Intersoft’s Intelligent Shipper API is a key part of allowing us to continue on this path [of growth] and ensuring the future success of the business.”

“As a brand we’re always keen to work with partners that align with our own values, and Intersoft fit the bill.”

“Working with Intersoft has totally transformed the way we deploy and manage our deliveries, making the process more efficient and proving invaluable throughout the growth we have experienced over the past 12 months. Customer support and onboarding has been outstanding and deploying the API into our systems could not have been more simple!”

“Intersoft’s Intelligent Shipper solution enabled us to quickly respond to the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown by growing its ship-from-store functionality. It helped Waterstones manage the switch to ecommerce demand and the social distancing measures we had to put in place in our warehouses. Intersoft’s team were responsive to our needs and did all they could to ensure a smooth roll out of the system.”

“Having experienced the initial success of the fast paced way of working and getting a solution to market very quickly to help replace the legacy systems; it continues to be a pleasure working closely with Intersoft to enhance the product and continually improve and build upon the customer needs and experience.”

“Intersoft were a great partner on this project. Onboarding was straightforward, and Intelligent Shipper is a simple, robust system; everything basically ‘just worked’ as documented. On the odd occasion when I did need assistance, the Intersoft support team were responsive and very helpful.”

“Intersoft and Webselect integrated a great dispatch solution for us at Kettlewell Colours. We now dispatch packages to 30+ countries with the minimum of fuss. The system is intuitive and really straightforward to use. Of particular ease is the automatic production of CN23 custom labels speeding up dispatch to our fastest growing market, the USA. Intersoft and Webselect were very professional at the integration process, with both parties understanding that a simple and timely solution was the objective. At no point did we have to get involved to ‘bang heads’ together. Both companies started out and finished on the same page a rare feat in my experience of these type of integrations.”

“The Intersoft team are fantastic to work with. They are very quick to respond to any questions we have about integrations. The team is really understanding, and their documentation is well maintained and always current. We have weekly calls and are always kept up to date with the latest developments and feature releases. We couldn’t recommend Intersoft and its solution highly enough.”

“The level of service and knowledge provided by the Intersoft team has been excellent. Communication was good and clear from the start, and any issues we had were quickly resolved or, in some cases, planned in as new developments. I do not think we were ever held up by the Intersoft team during implementation. We are pleased with the outcome, and as a business, we’re significantly quicker at despatching shipments, even during these unprecedented times of demand.”

“Weronika, Steve and the rest of the Intersoft team were great at supporting us right from the word go and are always on hand to help with any onboarding requirements.”

“Allport have gone from not having a returns offering to having a fully automated, fully configurable returns solution that allows our retailer customer to track their returned goods and be completely visible throughout their customer’s shopping and returns process, ultimately improving their customer satisfaction.”

“We knew our previous distribution solution would have eventually held us back, so it’s reassuring to know we have a system in place that is robust and scalable. We now have a shipping solution that can grow and flex with our business, while also enhancing our customers’ experience of shopping with Weird Fish.”

“The perfect partner for modern delivery management solutions”