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Are you struggling with inaccurate or incomplete data in your cross-border shipments?

Look no further than the Intersoft and Hurricane solution, the answer to your cross-border eCommerce needs with advanced compliance and data enhancement capabilities.


Cross-border solutions that flex to your eCommerce needs

Maximize your global reach and simplify your cross-border operations with our flexible and scalable solutions.



  1. Effortless shipping solutions

  2. Real-time customer engagement

  3. Cross-border delivery success

Duty & Tax Calculation

Automate the process of calculating and collecting taxes and duties on your eCommerce transactions and be equipped to:


✔ Calculate tax and duty information in real-time

✔ Reduce customs delays and additional charges

✔ Enhance transparency and trust with customers


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Customs duty

Fully automated data enhancement capabilities

Streamline your international trade operations with automated HS6 code matching, accurate description identification, and restricted item detection.

HS Code Allocation

Say goodbye to custom delays and compliance hurdles with a fully automated HS code allocation that simplifies international trade, ensuring a seamless experience for online shoppers.


✔ HS6 code matching and classification

✔ Offers 10-digit export and import codes

✔ Detects inaccurate descriptions

✔ Detects restricted items (e.g. weapons and drugs)

HS codes

Restrictions Screening

Streamline cross-border compliance with automated screening and real-time alerts for restricted items.


✔ Automated prohibited item detection

✔ Code validation feedback


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it's not necessary to use any other Intersoft products in conjunction with Hurricane. You can open an account with Intersoft and use Hurricane as a standalone solution.

By using Intersoft for the Hurricane solution, you can leverage a solution that's specifically designed to streamline the complexities of cross-border trade. With Intersoft, you'll have access to expert support and guidance, helping to ensure that the solution is tailored to your unique business needs and implemented seamlessly.

Additionally, if you use Intersoft for multiple solutions, it can help streamline integration and maintenance, potentially reducing the overall complexity of your trade and fulfilment operations.

Don't miss out on our competitive prices! Get in touch with us today to book a consultation. You can do so by submitting the 'Book a demo' form on this page or by sending us an email at .

For the ultimate guide on streamlining your HS codes, follow these steps here: https://intersoft.co.uk/hs-codes-the-ultimate-guide

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