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Amazon’s Key Features Offered By Intersoft



Amazon Shipping offers retailers and Amazon selling partners the ability to benefit from Amazon’s broad, technology-driven transportation and logistics network, to quickly and reliably deliver orders from Amazon, their own websites and other e-commerce channels to customers.

By integrating Amazon Shipping with Intersoft, retailers and third parties can easily manage and track their shipments and improve their eCommerce fulfilment operations.


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Amazon’s Popular Services

Below is a list of the popular Amazon services offered through Intersoft, alongside offering a range of additional services. For more information, please contact us.




Integrate Amazon Shipping with Intersoft


You are one step away from accessing the full range of Amazon Shipping services through Intersoft’s integration.

✔ Fast onboarding

✔ One API for all your carriers

✔ Free customer support 5-days a week

✔ System monitoring 24/7


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