07 March 2023

Celebrating women in tech at Intersoft on International Women’s Day 2023

This International Women’s Day, Intersoft are taking the opportunity to celebrate the women that make Intersoft the success it is. We talk to some of our Intersoft ladies to get their insight on what it's like to be women in tech, and how the industry landscape is changing.


It’s no secret that the technology industry has typically been a male-dominated space. In the UK, only 26% of the tech workforce are women. There have been many suggestions about how to increase the number of women in tech, from lessening the gender pay gap to encouraging more women to study STEM subjects.  

Comparatively, Intersoft’s team is comprised of a much more even split, with women comprising 41% of its workforce. This International Women’s Day, Intersoft want to celebrate the women that make the company the success that is. Without these women, Intersoft would simply not be the same. Working across the business, their wide range of amazing skills and talents demonstrate that women have a place within the tech industry. 

What is International Women’s Day? 

International Women’s Day is a global day dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women. It also serves as a call to action for groups across the world to come together and actively campaign for women’s equality. 

This year’s theme, Embrace Equity, is all about striving for fair treatment and taking a stand against the discrimination and gender stereotypes we see in everyday life. As the official International Women’s Day website states, “To embrace equity means to understand the journey required to achieve women’s equality.” 


Why do we need women in tech? 

The journey to women’s equality starts from the ground up. Gender diversity is something to talk about and discuss – in fact 84% of woman surveyed by Women in Tech said that they would be more likely to work for a company that openly discussed and embraced diversity.  

Intersoft is honoured to have so many exceptionally driven and talented women making strides within their own careers. And this isn’t just a recent development. Customer Experience Manager at Intersoft, Beata Brewer, started her journey at Intersoft 18 years ago and has seen the company grow and develop alongside her own personal growth. 

Beata Brewer Customer Experience Manager
Beata Brewer, Customer Experience Manager at Intersoft

“It can be tough for women in the tech industry, as it feels like sometimes you need to prove yourself more,” Beata states, “However, times are changing, and I believe women are a bigger part of the technical world; which they have proven they are more than capable of being a part of.” 

“The more diverse the team, the better the results. Collaboration in the different ways of thinking and communicating, and how we approach and solve problems, can all help towards growth, innovation, and development within the tech world.” 

How can we support women in the tech industry? 

Whilst Intersoft are working towards a more even split of male and female employees, this certainly isn’t the case across the whole industry. In fact, .NET Developer at Intersoft, Karolina Gres recalls being aware of the smaller number of women involved in tech from the beginning of her degree apprenticeship. 

“When I’d go for lectures,” Karolina says, “Most of the time there was only one other woman in the class if I wasn’t the only one, and often the other woman was the teacher.” 

She says that awareness and education for girls in their early years is a crucial part of encouraging their interests in tech related fields.  

“I think a lot of young girls, when choosing which field to go into, just don’t know this is an option for them. I know that I didn’t even after applying for my first apprenticeship.” 

It’s true that the tech industry faces the challenge of inspiring young women to develop in interest in STEM related subjects. Traditionally, fields such as IT, Maths, and Science were seen as male dominated areas of study. 

Despite this, Karolina finds that the industry is more welcoming to women than then numbers might suggest. 

“It can be a bit frightening at first. But as I persisted, I realised that if you do a good job, it really doesn’t matter, and you can do anything you set your mind to. Be passionate about what you do, and you’ll find that you’ll be met with respect and encouragement from most people in this industry.” 

What makes working at Intersoft great for women in tech? 

In Intersoft’s recent Great Place to Work survey, 96% of employees agreed that people are treated fairly at Intersoft regardless of their gender. 96% also said that, taking everything into account, they believe Intersoft is a great place to work. 

Beata enjoys working with the people and customers at Intersoft, and especially making people smile. “The best thing about my role is listening to what customers have to say about how we can help them and improve, and being their voice within Intersoft. The most rewarding part is a happy customer!” 

During her time at Intersoft, Beata has gone above and beyond to inspire the smiles she loves to see. This wonderful trait even won her the “Ray of Sunshine” award at Intersoft’s first Employee Recognition Awards at the end of last year. Acknowledging achievements like this, be it big or small, plays one small part in making Intersoft a warm, inclusive place to work. 

Karolina agrees. “The company culture, the opportunities I receive, and the chances I get to learn new things in my role are some of the best things about working for Intersoft.” 


The tech industry has always been fast evolving. But it has been slower to change when it comes to gender. Women have proven time and again that they deserve to make waves in the industry, and Intersoft is right there with them in wanting to see that change. This International Women’s Day, we’re proud to share the achievements, successes, and growth of the women within our company. Each year, we hope there is always more to celebrate.