05 August 2019

How Intersoft are helping to bridge the ecommerce and store divide

The world of bricks and mortar and the online store are merging. Boundaries that existed are shifting as retailers adapt and change to make the best use of all their assets to try and enhance the customer experience.

Steve Sneath

Whilst it works for some retailers to keep the online separate from the stores experience, we are finding other retailers embracing the chance to make better use of their whole estate.

Crew Clothing, working in conjunction with Intersoft have transformed their whole estate of retail stores as well as their Warehouse, now to be a part of the consumer experience;

  • ‘Not got the size or colour in the warehouse? Pick it and deliver it direct from the store that has the item.
  • In store shopping and not got your size in stock? Get it delivered to home from another store.
  • End of line Sales items? Any location including their stores can supply it.’


Through this solution Crew Clothing are able to get the product of choice into the customers hands effortlessly.

crew clothing outside window display


For Harrods, Intersoft enable them to completely change their customer experience and produce significant cost savings at the same time.

Here Harrods have taken the customer experience to the next level, as well as having all the benefits of being able to ship direct from their highly regarded stores or their warehouse, they can very easily offer to improve the consumers shopping experience; Rather than the customer having to lug their bags of shopping round after making their purchases, they can choose to have it delivered to home or if it is gift related; direct to the recipient.

Giving Harrods direct access to their carriers of choice, their brand experience doesn’t end at the till but now fully extends to the front door of their customers.

outside photo of harrods logo