20 October 2023

Intersoft WIN second Award for Sustainability at the Direct Commerce Awards 2023

The Intersoft team were present at the Direct Commerce Awards ceremony to pick up the 2023 award for Sustainability.


Intersoft has been announced as the winner of the Sustainability Award at the awards ceremony for the Direct Commerce Awards 2023.

Members of the Intersoft team attended the awards ceremony on the 17th October to accept the accolade.

Intersoft after sustainability award win at DCA Awards 2023

The award, given by the Direct Commerce Association, celebrates businesses that have gone the extra mile towards tackling their environmental impact. Through introducing green initiatives and schemes, Intersoft have been able to develop sustainable more processes. Intersoft were commended for the initiatives they have put in place, and plan to expand these in order to reach ambitious goals.

Going Green

Beginning in September of last year, Intersoft embarked on an initiative to make a meaningful difference by partnering with Ecologi. Through their Climate Positive Workforce program, Intersoft have planted over 9,000 trees to offset the carbon footprint of their employees. They have also taken measures to offset the environmental impact of the paper used in label production, planting 50 trees for every million labels produced through their system.

Ecologi CAW Logo

This partnership has also allowed Intersoft to extend its support of various climate-positive projects, contributing to rainforest restoration in Brazil and the advancement of wind power in Thailand.

Additional eco-friendly initiatives, including the Cycle to Work and Electric Car programs, have been implemented to support Intersoft’s sustainability goals.

This is alongside working with suppliers to ensure that 100% of the energy consumed in the Intersoft office comes from renewable sources.

“It’s the second sustainability award Intersoft has won in the last month recognising the steps we’ve taken to reduce our impact on the climate,” says Keeley Burridge, Marketing Assistant at Intersoft who helped introduce Intersoft’s tree planting initiatives. “Now more than ever, businesses are trying to work towards a greener, more sustainable future, and Intersoft wants to lead the way in the eCommerce industry.”

“To be awarded for the initiatives Intersoft have enacted is a huge achievement that we could not be more proud of.”

For more information about the Direct Commerce Awards, visit their website.