A growing New Zealand based eCommerce provider and 3Pi (third party integrator), now expanding into the UK market. StarShipit integrates via Intersoft’s shipping API to enable the management of Royal Mail’s carrier labels. It removes the need to manually upload orders and tracking numbers into an eCommerce platform.

The Challenge

As StarshipIT’s began expanding into the UK market, they needed assistance integrating with Royal Mail, it called on the resources and expertise of Intersoft as an approved Royal Mail partner to support the integration. Part of this challenge included having the ability to onboard customers registered with a Royal Mail Online Business Account.

The Solution

Integration with Royal Mail can take time, but through Intersoft’s partnership with the UK’s postal provider, they were able to streamline the process. Intersoft’s Intelligent Shipper system provided Starshipit with Royal Mail integration, giving them full control of the onboarding of customers and access to clear and easy to understand interfaces. Removing some of the existing challenges with onboarding, helped make the process quicker and more efficient for everyone involved.

Starshipit exhibition monitor and wall

The Result

As a result of this partnership, Starshipit was able to seamlessly integrate its clients with Royal Mail, helping it quickly establish a firm foothold in the UK market. The Intersoft team continues to be on hand to support with any onboarding requirements and building its UK customer base.

“Weronika, Steve and the rest of the Intersoft team were great at supporting us right from the word go and are always on hand to help with any onboarding requirements.”
Mark Cooper, Sales and Partnership Manager