14 July 2021

5 things to do the moment you onboard with Intersoft

As a new customer, here are five things you can do once you’re on board to help you get the most from Intelligent Shipper, enjoy!

Beata Brewer, Customer Experience Manager

You’ve taken the next step in growing your business and joined Intersoft for its award-winning delivery management software and approved Royal Mail solution. Congratulations and welcome on board! We’re sure you won’t regret it. Our smart delivery software will help you keep one step ahead of the game, as we’re constantly evolving our solution to keep pace with the delivery market and your customers’ delivery demands.

So, now you’re on board, what do you need to do next? Well, our excellent account management team will handle much of this for you, but there are a few things you can do to help get the most from our partnership.

1. Stay in touch

They say relationships are a two-way thing and it could not be truer. We like to make sure you have lots of convenient ways to contact us, and you always receive the latest information about Intelligent Shipper.

Performance and support – where can I get help?

Need a helping hand? Then our friendly support team are available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, should you need help resolving a technical query.

You can get in touch with our support team via the following channels:


If your business needs support outside of office hours, then we offer an Extended Hours Package. For more information about this, or anything else (like adding a new carrier integration or general account queries), then your dedicated account management team at Intersoft can help.

Intersoft Help Centre
Intersoft Help Centre

Let us keep you in the loop

There’ll also be times when we need to let you know what’s going on at Intersoft. This could be anything from new features and carrier integration promotions to market insights we may feel you’ll benefit from. Signing up to our newsletter is a great way of staying in touch with our latest developments and news – but we can’t send it without your consent. The good news is you can quickly and easily sign up for it here.

In addition to our newsletters, you’ll also receive regular Release Notes from us via email every month, which tells you about the latest software updates, fixes and additions we’ve made to Intersoft Intelligent Shipper®.

These will automatically be sent to you as part of our service, but you’ll need to make sure they don’t end up in your junk mail. You can do this by making sure the Intersoft email domains – and – are added to your Safe list; you may need to Whitelist these too. If anyone else in your team also needs to receive these then let us know, and we’ll make sure they’re added to our distribution list.

2. Subscribe to status updates

We pride ourselves on having an awesome team of people that are here to help you get the best from Intelligent Shipper. But we’ve also got some handy online tools that give you a quick and easy overview of how your Intersoft system is working.

Status Page Screenshot
Intersoft Status Page

Subscribe to our status page and you’ll receive instant updates on service disruption, repair progress and when issues have been resolved.

3. Check your system performance

In addition to the above, take a deeper dive into your system performance and monitor uptime speeds, response times (and break-down per country) which are reported daily and monthly. Your unique URL would have been sent to you when you first onboarded.

Can’t find your unique URL? Don’t worry, just ask your account manager to resend it.

Still need a bit more technical support? No problem, save the details of our technical team so they’re always on hand; email or call us on +44 01753 687 979.

4. Visit the Intersoft knowledge base library

You may have used Intersoft’s knowledge base before, but we have spruced things up a little. In here you’ll access in-depth ‘how-to’ guides, our latest API specs and more.

  • Find the latest Intersoft Intelligent Shipper® API specs here
  • To find the latest Intersoft Release Notes, go here 
  • And for anything else, simply search for what you’re looking for here
Intersoft release notes
Intersoft’s Release Notes

5. Explore how we can scale with your business

We take pride in how flexible our carrier management system can be. And as your business needs change, then so can we. eCommerce scaling and shipments flowing? We’ve got plenty of other tools in our kit to help you manage growing delivery demand, such as tracking, milestones, routing, returns and much more! Experiencing a quiet period in your sales calendar? Then rest assured we can accommodate that too and be there for when you’re ready to scale up again.

Here’s a top-line view of how we can help…

Save time with label API automation

Intersoft’s API can automatically print labels in milliseconds, helping significantly speed up the delivery process. Handy for times of peak demand. Work with more than one carrier? Don’t worry, our API accommodates multiple carriers all under one roof, meaning it’s easier than ever to integrate all your carriers in one single API. Find out how it helped Wentworth Puzzles, here.

Power your printing skills with multiple device setups

Tools like silent printing, print harvesting and scan to print, allow you to automatically print labels and customs documentation from multiple devices in multiple locations. Discover the features here.

Stay in the know with shipment tracking

Intersoft’s dashboard and tracking software allows you to monitor a shipment’s progress and helps you keep your customers informed. Easily set up customised tracking and delivery milestones which can be triggered and sent via email and mobile SMS notifications.

Tracking milestones
Intersoft Tracking Milestones set up screen
Intersoft Dashboard
Intersoft Dashboard with shipment statistics

Monitor delivery performance with shipment reporting

Quickly create in-depth reports and analyse shipment performance with our inbuilt reporting system. The Daily Shipping report shows all shipments dispatched on a given date, grouped by manifest number, country, department or service while Tracking Number reports detail the original order number and tracking reference.

shipment reporting
Monitor and report shipments screen in Intelligent Shipper

Scale carrier choice at checkout

Need an extra pair of hands shipping your orders? Then our solution can integrate with multiple carriers, allowing you to partner with as many as you like. You can find a full list of those we integrate with here.

Need to scale delivery choice at checkout? Then reach out! We offer an unlimited demo account for you to trial our system.

Not an Intersoft customer yet? Then explore our features and if you have any burning questions, drop us a message anytime. We’re a friendly bunch, promise.

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