The Challenge

With an annual growth of 15% and the ecommerce marketplace ever-evolving, Royal Mail knew that the DMO (Despatch Manager Online) legacy system being used by its customers was quickly becoming outdated. It needed a new solution that could scale and adapt, and an integrated partner that would not only fix the current solution but also provide an innovative and flexible labelling system that could grow with its customers’ needs. With this in mind, it acquired Intersoft in March 2016.

By 2018 the old legacy system was due to be decommissioned and Intersoft had the challenge of migrating Royal Mail’s valued customers to the new solution; this not only had to match the existing functionality like-for-like, but also deliver enhanced features and functionality.

The Solution

Relying on a partner who could provide a global-solution under one roof was key. Intersoft’s powerful carrier management platform; Intelligent Shipper provides a portfolio of products, including international and domestic shipping solutions. It allowed Royal Mail to effortlessly integrate multiple customers and migrate thousands of users from its legacy system to the new technology in just a few months.  All with minimal change or disruption.

intelligent shopper for Royal Mail


“Having experienced the initial success of the fast paced way of working and getting a solution to market very quickly to help replace the legacy systems; it continues to be a pleasure working closely with Intersoft to enhance the product and continually improve and build upon the customer needs and experience.”

The Result

In just 3 months – ahead of target – Royal Mail and Intersoft had successfully migrated thousands of customers over to the new Intelligent Shipper solution.  With its ‘can-do’ attitude and range of products, Intersoft has the capabilities to stay ahead of the marketplace’s ever-evolving needs for managing and fulfilling multiple delivery shipment labels, giving Royal Mail the confidence to know it’s serving its customers well.

“This is just the beginning of the journey for us and I’m really looking forward to delivering great solutions together over the coming years.”

Royal Mail continues to work very closely with Intersoft, continuously developing its solution. In the last 12 months over 75 million Royal Mail shipments have been successfully processed through Intersoft by implementing a partnership that continues to grow and develop.

“We aim to put ‘the customer’ at the heart of everything we do, and with Intersoft and its team’s years of experience and knowledge alongside its cutting edge technical capabilities, we have the right solution to continue to delight them and allow Royal Mail to enhance its own product range."
Darren Hatton, Head of Shipping Solutions, OBA and PCI Compliance
Royal Mail Parcels