25 February 2022

Intersoft wins two Digital City ‘Innovation, Project and Platform’ awards

Intersoft’s dedication to eCommerce solutions has been recognised by winning two major Digital City awards – Best SAAS Company and Webdev Project of the Year.


The Digital City awards recognise and reward the organisations, teams and individuals helping to build a better future through technology. The winners were announced at a live ceremony on 10 March 2022.

‘Best SAAS Company’

Intersoft won the ‘Best SAAS’ (software as a service) Company’ award by demonstrating how it embraced the challenges of the Covid pandemic and Brexit to support the delivery of almost 280 million shipments during 2021.

Intersoft responded to these challenges in the following ways:

Preparing for Black Friday and Christmas

Intersoft upgraded its hosting infrastructure to remain resilient and agile, almost doubled its staff numbers so it could provide more front end support, and added even more carrier partners to ensure the 2,800 or so businesses who use its services get the delivery options they need during Peak.

A seriously impressive business showing healthy growth rates whilst clearly demonstrating the benefit they have offered their clients in a challenging environment. Said by the Judging Panel

Demystifying data

With more freight than ever moving across the globe, countries are constantly introducing complex registration schemes. Parcels without the right data can be subject to long delays, extra duties, and even freight being rejected altogether. Intersoft is tackling this problem by integrating its systems with major carriers to supply the right digital data and avoid unnecessary paperwork. It’s also working with a Universal Postal Union accredited data specialist to integrate new 10 digit harmonisation codes into its systems. These unique identifiers will help our customers classify goods correctly and produce the right shipping data.

Managing mental health

With growing awareness of mental health (particularly during the pandemic) Intersoft reduced its working week from 40 to 35 hours and gave people flexibility over how and where they work those hours – home, office or hybrid. Intersoft has three mental health first aiders and gives everyone Vitality health insurance and access to the AXA Employee Assistance programme so they can talk in confidence about any issues that concern them.

As a result of these changes, Intersoft’s 2021 achievements include doubling its workforce to support massive growth in eCommerce, attaining 99.999% system stability performance, and generating a record 8.6 million labels during Black Friday alone.


‘Webdev Project of the Year’

Intersoft won the ‘Webdev Project of the Year’ for its work on the International Export Direct Entry (IEDE) network optimisation project for Royal Mail.

The project saw Intersoft help Royal Mail maintain delivery services to the EU while adapting to the ever-changing demands of customs clearance.

At a time when Covid forced the volume of shipments worldwide to rise exponentially, Brexit turned exporting goods from the UK to Ireland into a data minefield. Royal Mail found itself struggling to present the required customs data to Ireland and other European destinations and called on Intersoft to help solve the problem.

In only four weeks, Intersoft optimised the Royal Mail’s IEDE platform and improved the pass rate of shipments flowing through the IEDE platform from only 20% on day 1 of the test period to 78% 12 days later, ensuring thousands of parcels flowed through EU customs without any issues.

The past 2 years have been challenging for everyone to say the very least. In the midst of a pandemic, the Intersoft team adapted, collaborated and most importantly supported one another which laid the path for success. It’s an honour to be shortlisted for these awards and is a reflection of the hard work and dedication. Aron Silan, Chief Operating Officer, Intersoft


accepting award
Intersoft’s Victoria Smith, accepting the trophy at Digital City.