Returns Portal provides perfect solution for Perfect Moment and Allport Cargo Services Powered By EVCARGO

The Challenge

When Third Party Logistics (3PL) company, Allport Cargo Services Powered By EVCARGO, needed a returns solution that provided a greater and improved experience for its eCommerce client, Perfect Moment (a high-end fashion retailer, specialising in the ski industry), they approached their existing partner Intersoft. Alongside this, Allport already integrated with the Intelligent Shipper’s multi-carrier label production system for outbound shipments, and Allport Cargo Services knew it could rely on Intersoft to come up with a solution where others couldn’t.

The challenges faced by Perfect Moment and Allport Cargo Services were two-fold. Firstly, they needed to know why, how and when customers were returning goods. Secondly, Perfect Moment wanted to ensure its discerning shoppers had a seamless returns journey. At present, customers had to contact the e-tailer directly to request a returns label, which was then emailed to them, or Perfect Moment gave them a DHL account code. This required the customers to then go and create their own returns label via the DHL website. Both options openly took the customer away from the Perfect Moment website and were time consuming for both the shopper and e-tailer.

The Solution

Intersoft worked with Allport Cargo Services to develop the Returns Portal. A fully branded and configurable software solution that seamlessly ties in with the Perfect Moment website, allowing customers to login into their account, select the items they wish to return and print a returns label with a unique tracking code. This keeps the customer within the brand experience and smooths the returns journey. Via the code they are then able to track the item back to the warehouse, providing them with the reassurance that high-value items have reached their destinations.

It also had the added benefit of giving Allport Cargo Services foresight into what would be returned, allowing better planning of resource and workload.

Screenshot of Perfect Moment's Return Portal
Screenshot of Perfect Moment’s Returns Portal solution; successfully designed developed and tested by Intersoft.
“Allport have gone from not having a returns offering to having a fully automated, fully configurable returns solution that allows Perfect Moment to track their returned goods and be completely visible throughout their customer’s shopping and returns process, ultimately improving their customer satisfaction.”
Gary Ball, Associate Project Manager
Allport Cargo Services
Screenshot illustrating the end of the Returns request
Screenshot illustrating the start of the Perfect Moment’s returns process, where customers can view their recent order followed by selecting the Return Reason.

The Result

The Returns Portal removed complexity and gave customers peace of mind, allowing them to buy garments in multiple sizes and styles and return them with ease. The solution greatly enhanced the customer’s shopping experience, helping to strengthen loyalty to the brand.

It also had significant benefits for Perfect Moment’s Customer Services team. Inbound calls requesting returns labels and for updates on the status of a returned item dropped considerably. This allows the Customer Services Team to focus on more pressing enquiries and reduced the amount of resource required, helping increase the e-tailer’s revenue.

“The returns portal is an excellent initiative… It has saved us time, made us more cost efficient as well as giving Customer insight into returns. Customer service support is only required when a product is outside of the returns policy period. The portal very importantly is also more environmentally friendly compared to the expensive sticky label option.”
Miranda Grubb, Operations
Perfect Moment


For Allport Cargo Services, it also means the 3PL now has a returns solution that it can offer to existing and future clients, helping to enhance its service offering.

Screenshot illustrating the start of the Perfect Moment’s Returns process
Screenshot illustrating the end of the returns request, where customers can download and track shipments directly through the Perfect Moment website.