22 March 2023

Intersoft announces two new benefits for employees

Intersoft's new benefits, Group Life Insurance and Group Income Protection, will be available from 1st April as part of their efforts towards employee wellbeing.


Intersoft have announced it will be providing two new benefits as part of their efforts towards employee wellbeing. The benefits – Group Life Insurance, and Group Income Protection will be free for all employees and are set to be available from the 1st April 2023. 

Both benefits have been implemented simultaneously to provide Intersoft employees additional financial security and reassurance that in the instance of an employee being unable to work, or in the event of death, financial support will be provided.    

Life Insurance 

Intersoft’s Life Insurance is designed to reassure employees that, in the event of death, their dependants will be looked after financially. A life insurance pay out can help reduce the disruption of losing a parent or partner by helping to compensate the loss of earnings that inevitably comes with losing a family member. 

Life insurance can bring peace of mind to both Intersoft employees and their families that, should the unthinkable happen, family members will be taken care of financially during a highly emotional time. 

Income Protection 

Income Protection pays an employee a regular income if they cannot work due to sickness or disability. This means that, if an Intersoft employee will be absent for an extended period, they do not have to worry about losing out on their wages, as 75% of an employee’s yearly salary will be covered for up to 3 years. 

As part of their commitment to wellbeing , Intersoft aims to help detect and prevent illness or injury before it becomes a threat to the employee and help support employees through the steps of returning to work after an extended absence. 

For Intersoft, offering these benefits can mean financial protection from long-term absences. Early intervention and prevention of employee health issues can also minimise this risk. Overall, providing benefits that reassure employees that they will be well cared for by the company can help to retain employees, and attract new talent. 

Health and Wellbeing First 

As a company that strives to promote a culture of health and wellbeing, Intersoft are continuously making improvements to their benefits to reflect this priority. Having already been named as one of the top 12 best places to work for wellbeing in the UK, the new benefits further reinforce Intersoft’s commitment to putting the wellbeing of their employees at the forefront of the business.