24 July 2023

Intersoft in top third of UK’s Best Workplaces for Women

Intersoft secures its place among the top UK's Best Workplaces for Women, ranked 33rd for medium-size companies.


Intersoft has earned a third accolade from Great Place to Work, part of the UK’s Best Workplaces organisation. It has been placed 33rd in the list of 100 UK’s Best Workplaces for Women medium size companies.

intersoft women


This latest announcement follows Intersoft being placed 12th in the Wellbeing category and 32nd in Best Workplaces overall.

The UK’s Best Workplaces for Women list recognises exceptional organisations that have redefined workplace culture and set a new standard for gender equality and inclusion.

In the Great Place to Work survey, 96% of Intersoft employees agreed that “people here are treated fairly regardless of their gender”.

Based on anonymous feedback from over 70,000 working women across the UK, three critical themes emerged from the Best Workplaces for Women analysis: Talent development and leadership; Pay and benefits; and Workload stress.

The analysis showed that while women’s skills remain underutilised in the UK labour market, 6 in 10 leadership positions in the top 5 UK’s Best Workplaces for Women are held by women.

Laura Price, Intersoft’s Head of Business Analysis, said, “In the four and a half years I’ve been here, the team I manage has grown five times the size. This gives good opportunities for career progression and makes Intersoft a very exciting company to be a part of.”

And Human Resources Director at Intersoft, Eleanor Kilgallon, said, “Whether it’s following one of our tailored development plans to become a leader or manager, or perfecting your work-life balance through our wellbeing initiatives and flexible working policies, we operate a culture of care and collaboration and are continuously striving to be better.”

Intersoft is also in the running for the list of the UK’s Best Workplaces for Tech.

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