31 July 2023

Intersoft shortlisted for ‘Best Innovation in Delivery’ at the eCommerce Awards 2023

On 11th July 2023, it was revealed that Intersoft have been made finalists in the Best Innovation in Delivery category at the 2023 eCommerce awards. The winners will be announced on 27th September.


Intersoft have been announced as finalists for the Best Innovation in Delivery Award at the eCommerce Awards 2023.

The eCommerce Awards celebrate the leading businesses in the eCommerce industry, encompassing a variety of different achievements and innovations.

The awards are brought to life as part of the eCommerce Expo, one of the biggest annual events in the industry which Intersoft will also be exhibiting at in September this year.

Intersoft at the eCommerce Expo 2022

Best Innovation in Delivery

The delivery space is constantly evolving and requires companies to adapt to fast-paced changes to meet the needs of customers around the world. The Best Innovation in Delivery Award celebrates the innovative ways in which businesses elevate the services they offer, developing new solutions and improving delivery standards.

Intersoft have made that leap in innovation through their lightning-fast label speeds, developing a method to significantly reduce latency speeds for Chinese customers in the retail and logistics industry that generate labels through the Intersoft system.

This resulted in a significant increase in the speed at which customers produced labels (up 93% from 15 seconds to just 1 second) positively impacting their operations and customer service.

Warehouse staff scanning package

Striving for Success

Intersoft aims to constantly be at the forefront of innovation, whether that be through setting ambitious goals to become carbon neutral, or by adapting to meet the changing demands of eCommerce shipping.

One of the leading minds behind the project, head of IT at Intersoft George Ralph, said, “Making the shortlist for this year’s eCommerce Awards is a testament to Intersoft’s ability to innovate, evolve and excel. We strive to provide our customers with solutions that meet their needs, helping them to scale their business so that they can meet every challenge that comes their way head-on.”

The winners of the award will be revealed during the awards ceremony at the 02 in London on 27th September.

The full 2023 shortlist of finalists can be found on the eCommerce awards website.