The challenge

When third-party integrator (3Pi) Citrus-Lime faced challenges receiving suitable response times from its existing delivery management software provider, it decided to seek a partner that would enable it to deliver its high service expectations to its customers and support the growth of its business.

With a growing customer base, the eCommerce service provider – which specialises in providing support to the cycling and outdoor pursuits sectors – needed scalable technology in place that would futureproof its business with new delivery products and services

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The solution

Citrus-Lime approached Intersoft following a recommendation from Royal Mail, and in December 2019 adopted Intersoft’s Intelligent Shipper® tool. It is one of very few solutions that is fully approved by Royal Mail, providing Citrus-Lime with a seamless, high quality label production and delivery management solution that integrates via a single API.

Features include:

  • API booking

This provides an efficient solution for high volume shipments. Intelligent Shipper enables direct integration with Royal Mail, offering multiple services including customs documentation production (CN23, proforma invoice and commercial invoices) and generation of QR codes for returns shipments.

  • Automatic label specification updates

Intersoft work very closely with all carriers and should Royal Mail change the specification for its shipping labels and supporting documentation, Intersoft will automatically make these updates on behalf of Citrus-Lime, at no additional cost.

  • Royal Mail 2D barcode scanning

Intelligent Shipper handles the printing of Royal Mail 2D barcodes, which provide more visibility and greater security of all their customers shipments.

  • Fully scalable

Whether Citrus-Lime’s customers have 100 or 100,000 shipments to make, Intersoft’s solution produces delivery labels in milliseconds, improving efficiency and despatch times.

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The results

Intelligent Shipper reduced the time it took Citrus-Lime to onboard new customers with Royal Mail, and in the first 12 months of use the 3Pi increased the number of customers using the Intersoft platform from 3 customers to 40, with shipments rising from 350 per month to 56,000. Furthermore, with Intersoft’s dedicated technical team available five days a week, Citrus-Lime can respond to customer queries or requests more quickly and efficiently.

Roll out of Intersoft’s Intelligent Shipper® solution to Citrus-Limes’ eCommerce service could not have come at a better time. Just three months after going live the UK went into a national lockdown brought on by the global pandemic, with High Street stores closing and driving shoppers online. This speed of response was invaluable to the eCommerce service provider, which saw a 29% increase in customers during 2020.  In November 2020 alone, Citrus-Lime made 9,306 times more deliveries than in the same period in 2019.

Cycling and outdoor pursuits saw a huge boost in sales over this period. During April 2020, 60% more bikes were sold as consumers sought alternative methods of transport and new ways of spending their spare time. This trend has continued through the Covid-19 pandemic with data showing weekday cycling increased 100% and weekend cycling 200% compared to pre-Covid-19 levels.

The speed, efficiency, and scalability of Intersoft and its Intelligent Shipper solution, provided Citrus-Lime with the tools to support its customers during this period of unprecedented demand.


"Our decision to partner with Intersoft as our Royal Mail API integrator couldn’t have come at a better time. The team’s speed of response is worlds apart from our previous supplier, and the capabilities of the solution have allowed us to onboard new customers rapidly during the Covid-19 pandemic, helping us better support our eCommerce customers in the cycling sector and grow significantly as a business."
Suzy Weightman
Cloud POS Development Team Leader, Citrus-Lime