Kettlewell Colours

Producing 300 shades of bright-coloured clothing for women, Kettlewell Colours an online fashion retailer, ships up to 140,000 parcels a year worldwide. This ethical company use environmentally friendly materials of the best quality to ensure the impact on the planet is reduced. Kettlewell uses Royal Mail and DHL Express through Intersoft to manage all their orders and ship to rainbow-loving women in across the UK, Europe and the USA.

The challenge

Following the decommission of a legacy fulfilment system, fashion retailer Kettlewell Colours needed a faster and more efficient way to print their delivery labels on-demand whilst integrating with their carrier, Royal Mail.

After conducting a review of several market offerings, including Royal Mail’s Click & Drop feature, Kettlewell Colours opted for Intersoft’s Intelligent Shipper solution, following a recommendation by its eCommerce platform developer, Webselect.

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The solution

Intersoft worked closely with Webselect to enable a seamless integration via an API to facilitate the production of Royal Mail delivery labels and associated documents (CN23s, custom documents etc.) when it’s needed. Intersoft also added Silent Printing as an added feature to the integration, this allowed Kettlewell to set up multiple print stations so that when an order is ready to be dispatched, a shipping label can be printed automatically to their chosen printer ready for collection.

“Intersoft were a great partner on this project. Onboarding was straightforward, and Intelligent Shipper is a simple, robust system; everything basically ‘just worked’ as documented. On the odd occasion when I did need assistance, the Intersoft support team were responsive and very helpful.” – Mark Bell, Webselect

How the integration works

Once an order has been picked and packed in the warehouse, a shipping label is then needed, which is when the retailer calls for a delivery label to Intersoft and the label is then passed via an API back to the retailer where it instantly prints the label to their correct printer. Silent Printing offers retailers and developers an alternative way to get the shipping labels to the printers, rather than using a PDF or PNG image and importing it into their own systems and processes, Silent Printing does this for them.




The result

Implementation of the Silent Printing service for Kettlewell Colours and integration with Royal Mail via Intersoft’s Intelligent Shipper solution, enabled a seamless transition from the retailer’s legacy system to a new, more efficient label production and shipping method. Silent Printing offered Kettlewell Colours a marked improvement on its previous solution, which only worked with batch import files. Labels are now produced in milliseconds, rather than the 10 seconds required by the old system.

“We now dispatch packages to 30+ countries with the minimum of fuss. The system is intuitive and really straightforward to use. Of particular ease is the automatic production of CN23 custom labels speeding up dispatch to our fastest-growing market, the USA. At no point did we have to get involved to ‘bang heads' together. Both Intersoft and Webselect started out and finished on the same page a rare feat in my experience of these types of integrations.”
John Nicholson
Kettlewell Colours, Owner