25 May 2023

The eCommerce Journey: From retailers to customers’ doorsteps

Discover the intricate lifecycle of eCommerce products, from listing, to customer decision and what happens behind the scenes in Intersoft's latest infographic


The journey of a product within eCommerce begins long before a customer adds that product to their basket. The entire process is a lifecycle, beginning with an item being listed on a online marketplace, and starting again when a customer decides whether or not they want to keep the product.

Here, Intersoft takes you through the steps and processes that occur throughout the product journey, all in our latest infographic.

Sales Channels

Sales channel management graphic showing in store, website, and marketplace options.

Sales channels are often the first stop for consumers when deciding to purchase a product. In eCommerce, this can be through one of many online marketplaces, or directly on a retailers website.

eCommerce Shoppers and Delivery Choice

Graphic depicting digital sales channels and the steps for purchasing a product.

Once a consumer has accessed the product through their desktop or mobile device, they will have access to various delivery options. Retailers can offer a wide range of services through the carriers they use. These options can affect where and how the product is delivered, and it’s security whilst shipping.

From Packing to the Delivery Journey

In the warehouse, the products are packed and labels are produced that meet the requirements for shipping the product. These labels can include customs documents or hazmat labels for hazardous items. Warehouse Management Systems and Order Management Systems may be used to help with the process.

Warehouse management graphic showing the steps of processing an order, picking, and packing.

After this, the product begins it’s delivery journey. The carrier will collect the order one it is fully packed, and take it to an outward sorting centre. It will then travel to an inward sorting centre, and following this, will arrive at a local delivery office to be sent out for delivery to the consumer. Tracking options for the package during this journey are also sometimes offered.

The last mile journey

Keep or Return

The last stage in the lifecycle rests on the decision of the consumer. If they wish to keep the product they’ve received, the process ends happily. If they do not want to keep the item for any reason, they can initiate a return. Retailers offer many options to make this as flexible and simple as possible. The retailers work with carriers to arrange these options. Using returns portals is a good way for retailers to improve this experience for the customer.

Graphic depicting retunrs options

Consumer Experience Begins Again

The eCommerce journey involves several processes and systems that work together seamlessly to get a product from the retailer to the
customer’s doorstep. From the retailer’s initial sale to the delivery journey and returns process, every step is critical to ensure a positive customer experience.