10 October 2022

Intersoft finalists for TWO UK eCommerce Innovation Awards

On 12th September 2022, the shortlist for this year's UK eCommerce Awards were announced. Intersoft were among those who received nominations, picking up two that aim to recognise an innovation that has changed eCommerce for the better.


Intersoft received two nominations for the UK eCommerce Awards 2022

The eCommerce Innovation Award and the eCommerce Software or Extension of the Year Award are given to companies within the eCommerce space whose developments have allowed them to achieve incredible success over the past year.

intersoft at awards ceremony
Intersoft’s Chief Operation Officer Aron Silan and Project Manager Saurabh Bakoray at the DCA awards ceremony, another award Intersoft was nominated for

eCommerce Innovation Award

With more challenges than ever facing the eCommerce industry over the past few years, it’s no wonder that delivery management has had to adapt swiftly to new demands. The Innovation Award highlights Intersoft’s efforts in creating a new SaaS solution to aid Royal Mail in overcoming one of its biggest hurdles.

The solution Intersoft developed is called ‘Automated Over Labelling Solution’, which fixes issues with labels on packages automatically, reducing the reliance on manual processing. Whether it’s a fraudulent label, such as a deliberately inaccurate weight given, or unreadable barcodes, errors such as these can cause huge delays. With this solution, inaccurate labels can be seamlessly fixed, with automatic sorting successfully producing the correct labels four times faster compared to manual processes.

For Royal Mail, it was essential that the new system could be seamlessly integrated into their existing sorting hubs. The team at Intersoft made sure this was the case, whilst also enabling over 10,000 users to install this solution across different sites. Any one of these users can then manually input new information into the system, which then automatically produces new labels with the updated data.

eCommerce Software or Extension of the Year

It’s fair to say that Covid-16 had a widespread impact on eCommerce. The industry saw incredible growth at a time, whilst also stepping into uncharted waters rising after Brexit. During this time, Royal Mail struggled with presenting the required data for customs in Ireland and other EU countries.

This is where Intersoft stepped in. In just four weeks, Intersoft increased the rate of successful shipments Royal Mail saw from 20% to over 78%. This significant improvement was thanks to Intersoft’s International Export Direct Entry (IEDE) optimisation project, which has been recognised with a nomination for the Software or Expansion of the Year award. IEDE is a crucial step in delivering internationally, providing quick and easy access to accurate information via barcodes.


Intersoft’s development of unique and worthwhile solutions such as these place us at the centre of the ever-evolving delivery landscape, and these nominations recognise our contributions to eCommerce solutions. The UK eCommerce awards ceremony took place on 18th October 2022, and despite not taking home an award on the night, Intersoft were proud to have been nominated. The awards said that Intersoft had “spotted a clear problem and provided a viable solution with a proven impact in improving success rates” with “great results and evidence submitted.”


Intersoft team day photo
The Intersoft team day photo captured in September 2022.