01 December 2020

The rise of home delivery in 2020

2020 has certainly been a year of change; not just in the way we live but also the way we shop. We've taken a deep dive into our own delivery data to reveal the extent to which the global pandemic has acted as a catalyst for the growth of home delivery.


Key take-aways

  • Retail deliveries nearly triple in 2020
  • Rapid growth experienced by over three-quarters of Intersoft’s customers 
  • Over half of online retailers adopt delivery management software

For more insights, download our infographic. 

Demand for eCommerce skyrocketed in 2020, forced by a sudden change in consumer behaviour. With more of us working from home and more consumers embracing online shopping – either due to lockdown restrictions, a reluctance to shop in stores, or purely for convenience – retailers were put under immense pressure to fulfil a sudden surge in online orders.


87% of Intersoft's customers saw growth infographic


Intersoft’s in-house data shows that from April to August 2020, retail delivery volumes nearly tripled. Retailers that were already using delivery management software – such as Intersoft’s Intelligent Shipper® – or were quick to embrace technology to ensure they were able to fulfil shipments, were certainly better placed to weather the storm. And this rise in online orders wasn’t limited to just the first lockdown period; across 2020 87% of Intersoft’s customers saw a rapid growth in shipment volumes.

Coinciding with this growth was a 64% rise in retailers adopting delivery management software, as they looked to more efficient ways of fulfilling their online orders. Features offered by delivery management software, such as multi-carrier integration, silent printing and returns solutions, provide eCommerce with the tools to quickly and reliably ship goods to customers.

For more insight into how home delivery has grown in 2020, download our infographic.

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